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the removal

I am often called on to rename boats and some are more difficult then others. Usually the length of time that the lettering has been on the surface directly contributes to the difficulty of the removal. The quality of the vinyl used will also play a role in the process. And on occasion I still come across painted lettering. This project was a combination of paint and vinyl.

assess first

After my initial site survey it was determined that there would likely be significant "ghosting" of the old name after removing it. This means that there would still be a faint image left over, and in this case stains from the paint. So I suggested we wrap the entire transom.


Removing painted graphics is a tedious process that will often cause damage to the gel coat. A wrap will help hide any staining but it is recommended to remove old graphics first so the texture doesn't show through as much.

The Design

I came up with a design that highlighted the wood trim that already existed on this boat. I wanted to make sure the resolution was very crisp, even though the overall size was over 14' wide. This boat is mostly going to be at dock and will be getting a lot of close up attention, crisp clean lines are important.


Even after removing all of the paint and vinyl there is some "ghosting". The vinyl didn't leave much but the paint, as you can see, left a visible stain.



The results speak for themselves. This is a great way to give new life an old boat without having to completely refinish the original surface. This is 100% unique and revitalized

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